RevelSI is a Member of the EU SOCcare Project

Nowadays interconnected infrastructures provide great opportunities for businesses to develop, but also pose unforeseen cybersecurity challenges. Recognizing the critical need for collaborative efforts to enhance cyber threat intelligence, RevelSI proudly announces its participation in the SOCcare project. This initiative is focused on advancing cyber threat analysis of digital artifacts, fostering information sharing, and bolstering cyber resilience across the European Union and beyond.

SOCcare Project: A Catalyst for Cyber Threat Intelligence Excellence

The SOCcare project is aimed at building better cyber threat intelligence through improved analysis of digital artifacts, and then sharing this threat intelligence across Eastern Europe and beyond to increase cooperation and cyber resilience of Digital Europe.

The consortium partners, NRD (Lithuania), RevelSI (Romania), and UPB (Romania) seek to build a comprehensive framework for enhancing the capabilities of Security Operations Centers (SOCs) in analyzing and sharing cybersecurity artifacts.

RevelSI’s Role in Cyber Threat Analysis

As a cybersecurity service provider, RevelSI has consistently demonstrated a commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation. Joining the SOCcare project aligns seamlessly with the company's mission to lead transformative efforts in the cybersecurity domain. By participating in this initiative, RevelSI aims to leverage its expertise to contribute to the development of advanced tools and methodologies for analyzing digital artifacts effectively. Moreover, RevelSI Security Operation Center plans to deploy and improve the quality and the time to respond to an incident:

  • Various mechanisms to automatically block based on Indicators of Compromise (IoC) by pushing observables to firewalls and EDRs using custom automation with Graph API, Logic Apps, and REST APIs.
  • Various mechanisms to develop a mesh network against collaborative attacks for improving the CSIRT threat intel quality. To achieve this, both Cyberthreat Intelligence (MISP) and OSINT will be used.
  • An automated malware analysis system

Leveraging the automated malware analysis tool and advanced AI correlations, RevelSI’s CSIRT can efficiently identify attacks.

Breaking Barriers: Sharing Threat Intelligence Across Borders

One of the key objectives of the SOCcare project is to establish standardized practices for digital artifact analysis and the way information sharing is being made across SOCs. RevelSI recognizes the critical role that collaborative intelligence plays in mitigating cyber threats. By actively participating in SOCcare, RevelSI commits to sharing threat intelligence not only within its organization but also across borders, fostering a culture of cooperation and resilience.