Providing the missing piece for your IT environment


Increase your security resilience using our 24/7 SOC Team.  We design services tailored to your needs, using our cybersecurity certified team.

Network & Infrastructure

Implement a new strategy to improve the network capacy and take your business to the next level.

IT Operations

Mitigate services downtimes and reduce incidents by using the latest technologies and a dedicated team.

IT Services tailored to match your needs

In today’s world, your success relies on your IT infrastructure as a unit. Whether we are talking about Network Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, or IT Operations, your IT environment dictates how your business will perform.

We’ll work with you to design and implement the right IT services to match your needs and cover the missing pieces in your IT environment!


The new network monitoring platform

EMMA is our proprietary network monitoring platform currently used by clients from United States and Europe.

EMMA automatically collects data from all the end user devices, servers, virtual machines, network and cloud devices and lets you know when the customized thresholds have been crossed.

It will help you quickly resolve any issues in your network infrastructure and accelerate the time to respond and resolution.

Locations Monitored

United States, Europe. As long as your location is connected to the Internet, we can monitor it!

Users Monitored

Work from home, in the office, business travels. We cover everyhing

Devices Monitored

Network devices, Security devices, Workstation, Laptops, Mobiles


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