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Tech gurus, network designers, cybersecurity experts, software developers and IT professionals, pinpointing your company’s needs and providing the right solutions. We come with experience, the latest technologies, up-to-date improvements and tailored solutions to match your requirements.

Company Overview

Revel is a tech innovation company with a clear vision and motivated minds that will help organization worldwide to keep up the pace with the technology revolution that shows no signs of slowing down.

Our goal is to help customers join the digital era and become a technology-driven organizations by facilitating their journey from idea generation to the continuous deployment of solutions, platforms, and technologies.

Every day is an opportunity to grow and go beyond our limits! Our teams believe in taking on challenges and conquering them together. Just imagine the amazing things we can accomplish together.

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Our team is growing! We are looking for exceptional people with different skills. We want you to be funny, happy, always with a smile, and be a team player. Oh, and you also need to know some technical stuff.

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IT Project Manager

Do you want to work in an extremely dynamic environment with interesting and exciting projects?

Security Analyst

Be part of an amazing security team that works with the latest cybersecurity technologies.

Microsoft Cloud Engineer

Enjoy Microsoft’s latest technology pack and use it in large environments.

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