RevelSI Becomes a Member of the Premier Organization and Recognized Global Leader in Incident Response - FIRST

As a statement of its commitment to excellence in delivering cybersecurity services, RevelSI proudly announces its membership in FIRST (Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams), a global organization dedicated to advancing incident response and security practices.

FIRST: A Collaboration Core of Incident Response Expertise

FIRST is a global organization that brings together incident response and security teams to share information, collaborate on best practices, and enhance global cybersecurity. By joining FIRST, RevelSI gains exclusive access to a network of top-tier experts, cutting-edge research, and a vast knowledge base of resources to enhance its incident response capabilities. FIRST was established in 1990 as a response to the growing need for a collaborative approach to handle computer security incidents and threats.

RevelSI’s Commitment to Cybersecurity Excellence

As a member of FIRST, RevelSI takes a significant step toward boosting its incident response and cybersecurity capabilities. This collaboration not only strengthens RevelSI’s position as a worldwide cybersecurity service provider but also emphasizes its commitment to global collaboration for improved cyber resilience.

Membership in FIRST provides RevelSI with a unique platform to enhance its incident response capabilities. The organization facilitates real-time information sharing, allowing RevelSI to stay informed about the latest threat intelligence and vulnerabilities. This invaluable knowledge empowers RevelSI to proactively fortify its defenses and respond swiftly to emerging cyber threats, ultimately ensuring the resilience of its clients' infrastructures.

Community-Driven Security

At the core of RevelSI's values is the belief in the power of teamwork. At the same time, by building collaboration among incident response and security teams, FIRST aims to create a collective defense against cyber threats. RevelSI adheres to the significance of this collaborative approach and is excited to contribute its expertise to the FIRST community.

Through active participation in FIRST, RevelSI aims to share its insights, learn from other industry leaders, and collectively enhance the standards of incident response and cybersecurity.