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Our Approach

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Modern business development is based on strong, efficient and safe IT infrastructure.

Mastering the realm of effective communication within an organization poses a strategic challenge—one that centers on the establishment and fortification of a robust network infrastructure. Beyond fostering internal collaboration, this challenge mandates an agile adaptation to cutting-edge technological advancements in the dynamic landscape of our interconnected business environment.

Confronting and conquering this challenge is not merely a goal but a strategic imperative for an organization in order to be able to keep pace with the evolving demands of seamless communication and technological progress.

Lack of Standardization

The absence of standardized processes in the IT infrastructure can lead to inconsistent use of resources and allocation of extra-budgets.

Availability & Reliability

If the IT infrastructure does not follow a very well organized architecture, the availability and reliability of the systems is reduced, meaning that the company workflow will not operate at full performance.

Adoption of New technologies

Many organizations are delaying the implementation of new technologies based on the lack of know-how regarding the integration of the new technologies in the IT infrastructure.


Companies have difficulties integrating custom applications and systems into the IT infrastructure, this lack of interoperability conducting them towards lack of efficiency and high resource consumption.


APTs involve prolonged, targeted attacks by well-funded and highly skilled adversaries. Detecting and mitigating APTs require advanced threat intelligence and persistent monitoring.

Reliable, secure, and
scalable IT infrastructure

Revel’s primary objective is to create a reliable, secure, and scalable infrastructure that meets your organization's current and future business objectives. We are offering a complete range of Network Engineering services that encompass a range of activities related to the design and optimization of your network infrastructure and communication systems.

design & structure

Design the most efficient and safe IT infrastructure to serve your needs.


Create a robust and scalable infrastructure for improved IT environment performance.

and reliability

Management and maintenance of an organization's IT infrastructure.

Infrastructure Architecture


At Revel, we are offering complete infrastructure design services in order to support and enable information technology services for your cloud or on-premises infrastructure. We are evaluating and understanding the technical and access needs of your organisation so we can design the most efficient and safe IT infrastructure. Based on this evaluation, we design the complete architecture for your infrastructure , including planning and organizing hardware, software, networks, and other resources to ensure the efficient functioning and reliability of an IT system or application environment.

Infrastructure Engineering


At Revel the Engineering process has a very well defined goal: to create a robust and scalable infrastructure that ensures the smooth functioning of business applications and services, leading to improved performance, reliability, and overall efficiency. Our IT engineers team has valuable up-to-date and performance-oriented know-how, being able to adjust and upgrade the functioning of your IT resources and network in order to boost performance and efficiency.

Infrastructure Operations


The IT environment needs to be constantly adapted in order to follow and sustain the needs of the business transformation. Revel's team offers a complete set of infrastructure operations covering the ongoing management and maintenance of an organization's IT infrastructure. These operations are dedicated to minimize downtime, enhance reliability, and ensure that the technology infrastructure aligns with the business's objectives. Revel maintenance program provides 24/7 NOC service, in order to cover real-time incident management and to enhance security and monitoring.

Infrastructure Backup and Recovery


Infrastructure Backup and Recovery refers to the strategies, processes, and technologies employed to protect, copy, and restore data, applications, and systems in the event of data loss, system failures, disasters, or malicious attacks.

Cloud Migration


Revel’s cloud migration service consists of moving digital assets—like data, applications, or workloads—from an on-premise environment to a cloud provider or even from one cloud provider to another. Such a transition is driven by factors like cost-efficiency, scalability, performance, or the desire to leverage the advanced capabilities of a particular cloud provider.

Data Governance


A Data Governance Service is a comprehensive custom framework and set of processes designed to ensure the effective transfer, handling, integrity, and security of data within an organization. This service focuses on establishing and maintaining a robust infrastructure that supports the entire data lifecycle management, from creation and storage to processing and analysis. A key component of the data governance program is the monitoring process to track data-related activities, identify anomalies, and ensure compliance.

This ensures the organization's continuity, minimizes downtime, and prevents data loss.