RevelSI is providing full-stack services for cybersecurity.
We help you define your security strategy against all potential threats and offer you the advanced automated technologies so your IT infrastructure is protected at all times.


Our Approach

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Safeguard your digital assets and maintain operational integrity.

The IT environment is already present at all levels in the workflow of every company, but along comes security threats that are evolving day by day. New technologies implies new risks. Therefore, companies in all industries are facing a series of challenges based on the following situation:

Increased Complexity of IT Environments

As organizations adopt complex IT infrastructures, including cloud services, IoT devices, and interconnected systems, the attack surface expands, creating more entry points for potential threats.

Lack of Standardization

The absence of standardized cybersecurity practices across industries can lead to inconsistent security measures, making it challenging to establish universal best practices.

Overreliance on Legacy Systems

Many organizations still rely on legacy systems that may have inherent vulnerabilities. Updating or replacing these systems can be costly and time-consuming.

Data Privacy Concerns

With the increasing focus on data privacy regulations, organizations face the challenge of not only securing data but also ensuring compliance with diverse and stringent privacy laws.

Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs)

APTs involve prolonged, targeted attacks by well-funded and highly skilled adversaries. Detecting and mitigating APTs require advanced threat intelligence and persistent monitoring.

Complete safe cyber environment for your company to operate and develop.

Fast and efficient protection and monitoring

Our SOC team proactively monitor and protect your organization's IT infrastructure.

Automation technology ensuring consistent response to attacks

By automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks, RevelSI ensures a more immediate and consistent response.

24 / 7 Security Operations Center

The expertise of a Security Operations Center (SOC) combined with advanced technologies.

At RevelSI the main objective is creating the safe cyber environment for your company to operate and develop. We are adopting a professional approach on cybersecurity and we are using advanced know-how and technologies based on your pragmatical needs. Our approach on your organisation’s cyber security includes:



We provide the design and structure the layout of your organization’s information security systems, protocols, and processes in order to create the best security strategy, ensuring that every layer of its technology stack is protected against potential threats.



In order to be able to prevent the constant-evolving attacks, RevelSI team uses engineering know-how to ensure that systems are built or implemented from the ground up to be resilient against potential threats rather than just adding security features as an afterthought. Cybersecurity engineering is about building things right from the start.

Incident Response & Malware Forensics


In the case of a cybersecurity incident, we are managing the situation in a way that limits damage and reduces recovery time and costs. We provide an effective incident response plan, that can also aid in preventing future incidents.

Security Operation Center 24/7 Managed Detections and Response (MDR)


In order to be able to block or efficiently deal with security breaches, we are proactively monitoring your organisation’s entire IT infrastructure. This is made possible by our Security Operations Center (SOC) that can provide you with the most advanced technologies.

Automation & DevSecOps


By automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks, RevelSI ensures a more immediate and consistent response by leveraging our incident responders to focus on more complex, strategy-oriented tasks.