Enhanced Management & Monitoring Application


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Oct, 2018

Devices & Users Monitored

EMMA automatically collects data from all the end user devices, servers, virtual machines, network and cloud devices and lets you know when the customized thresholds have been crossed.

It will help you quickly resolve any issues in your network infrastructure and accelerate the time to respond and resolution by empowering your technical teams with comprehensive details about any network event, before becoming a critical event.

EMMA has a processing unit that uses complex databases matching algorithms and machine learning processes to provide the right answers and solutions. It will learn to ignore the false-positive alerts and, based on past patters, will provide insights about events before they will happen. You will improve your service availability and reduce the network downtime.

Multivendor Support

Network Monitoring has never been easier. We collect and log every event that is triggered by any device from your IT infrastructure. We apply complex databases matching algorithms and machine learning processes and what is relevant turns into an alert.

Network Discovery & Mapping

We offer you your network! You will gain visibility of your entire network infrastructure topology. It doesn’t matter if it is on prem, in cloud or is hybrid. As an output, our customers will enjoy a better understanding of the connections between any resources in their network.

Friendly UX

It has been a long time since these applications were used only by tech gurus. We designed EMMA to be used by anyone. It is very intuitive and does not take long to learn. It has customized dashboards for tech guys, for management and administrative personal.

Integration with 3rd party solutions

You’ve got your own ticketing system, or maybe an asset management solution? No problem. EMMA can easily integrate with most of the applications via API calls.

Monitoring Application 

We believe you need to know what really goes around in your network. EMMA will go in the deepest and darkest corners of your infrastructure and show what is not working.

Security Assessment

EMMA will not just show you what is not working in your network, but will pin point all the security flows. It will automatically detect any vulnerabilities you may have.

Asset Management 

 Keep track of your inventory! You will be able to track, catalogue, maintain and decommision any infrastructure device, software or license you have on your network. 

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