IT Operations Services

What is IT Operations?

Organizations tend to define the concept of IT Operations, or IT Ops,  in very different ways. Usually, the term is used to describe the department that manages IT operations (internal or outsourced), but also the set of services, processes and standardized procedures used in daily activity.

 IT operations are in fact responsible for the proper functioning of the infrastructure and operational environments and also ensure the implementation of applications to internal and external customers. This is about managing servers and devices, computer operations, help desk services and any other IT support services needed to keep an organization running smoothly.

IT Operations Services

    IT support operations and help desk

    • Extended monitoring & customized alerts
    • Infrastructure planning & design
    • Workstation operations & maintenance
    • Services installation & deployment
    • User provisioning
    • Backup management
    • High availability and disaster recovery
    • Infrastructure audit, assessment, complliance analysis
    • Vendor management & Project Management

    Server and device management

    • Server management (configuration, maintenance, upgrades, fixes, repairs, etc.)
    • Manage storage requirements for disk, memory, backup and archiving
    • Full virtual environemnt monitoring and management
    • Configuring the e-mail server and file server
    • Management of mobile devices and telephones
    • Ensuring BYOD access to the network
    • Licensing and management

    Network infrastructure management

    • WAN Links performance management
    • Wired and wireless network management
    • Remote network access for users, meaning configuring off-network access using techniques such as VPN, Multi-Factor authentication, etc.
    • Monitor network health and alert network personnel when a problem arises with network resources
    • Port management
    • Ensuring the infrastructure and all network functions for internal and external IT communications 

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